It is with much regret that we have to inform you, that after almost 30 years of being a Preschool, we will be closing permanently on Thursday the 21st of October 2021.




TCC Pre-School started in 1992 and was originally based in a temporary building for 2 years on the "A Place To Play" site, before operating in the existing building between 1994 and December 2020. It became a registered charity in 1999 and following this we changed our name to The Colourful Caterpillar Preschool, although are known as the TCC Preschool throughout Thatcham.

The Pre-School is now based in the 2nd Thatcham Scouts Building, near the Memorial Hall, Brownsfield, Bath Road.  The preschool continues to provide lots of activities with a large hall and kitchen and with its own access. It also has access to an outside teaching area and garden, both of which are completely fenced in.

Child Drawing


TCC Preschool is registered with OFSTED (Office For Standard in Education) and is currently able to accommodate a maximum of 30 children per session under the terms of the registration certificate.  We are inspected regularly both against the fourteen National Standards for Sessional Daycare and the Early Years Learning Goals as defined by OFSTED.  This ensures that the required educational standards are maintained and that the environment is happy, safe and non-discriminatory.  A copy of our last OFSTED inspection is available on request or via this link

Our Ofsted unique reference number is 2627810

Child Painting

Safe Environment

We provide a safe environment for children to participate in a broad range of challenging and stimulating play activities, both indoors and outdoors that promote children’s overall development.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework which enables the children to learn through play and through communication with other children and adults. Children are encouraged to mix with other children regardless of race, religion, gender or disability.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Eating

At TCC Pre-school we try to provide snacks that are healthy and nutritious. The snack table is available to the children during the session and children can choose when they have their snack and what they would like to eat or drink.

We aim to help the children to become more independent by encouraging them to help prepare the snacks for the snack table. They will be encouraged to slice the fruit and vegetables using either a Safety Vegetable Slicer or a knife. Depending on the child’s ability, we will have either one or two children who will help to slice and cut up the fruit and vegetables with supervision each day.

Outdoor area

Excellent Facilities

We have excellent outdoor facilities, comprising of a huge grass area and tarmac for ball games & bikes etc.

TCC Preschool is a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance (PLA), a national organisation that supports and advises groups throughout the country that cater for under 5’s and their parents.

As a charity we follow the preschool Learning Alliance 2008 constitution and adhere to the Charity Commission operating standards.

Our charity number is 1075366

At TCC Preschool we have all the polices and procedures that are required by Ofsted and these are also available to you on request to the Manager.