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Coronavirus letter to parents - September 2020

Posted 2nd September 2020



Dear Parents/Carers,

Hope you are all keeping well.

We have had guidelines from the Government regarding the start of the new term for when we open next week Wednesday 2nd September, 2020.   We plan to be open 9am – 3pm.  Due to Covid-19 and social distancing we have put in place staggered arriving times for the afternoon children.  Please see below details:

Morning sessions:   

9am – 12pm (lunch club will be between 11.30 and 12pm)

Afternoon sessions:             

12.15pm – 3pm (lunch club will be between 12.15 and 12.45)

All day sessions:                   

9am – 3pm (lunch club will be between 11.30 – 12pm)

If your child does not stay for lunch club:

  • Morning children should be picked up at 11.30am
  • Afternoon children should arrive at 12.45pm.

Staff will direct you to where you need to take your child when you first arrive.  This might change depending on the weather.


To avoid cross contamination, please could you supply your child with a named sandwich bag with cut up fruit for their snack please.  If grapes and tomatoes etc please make sure they are cut in half please.  After your child has finished their snack, this bag will be thrown away at preschool.  Please also supply your child with a drink in a named bottle.  This will be stored in the kitchen and the children will be able to ask for their drink and they will also be encouraged to drink during the session.


If the weather is warm/hot, please can you put sun cream on your child before arriving at preschool.


When picking up your child, please make sure you arrive promptly.  We need to clean the hall and outside before we leave the premises.  Thank you.

Please take note of the following:

  • If we are unable to safely look after your child due to staff shortages, we might have to close the preschool temporary.
  • Due to the risk of infection, we are only allowing children who use us as a sole childcare provider. For example, if your child goes to a nursery etc you would have to choose which provider you prefer your child to attend.  If your child goes to a childminder, please would the childminder share their risk assessment with the manager, addressing it for the attention of Alison Hemmings.  It can be emailed to: admin@tccpreschool.co.uk.  Thank you in advance for this.
  • If anyone in your household shows symptoms of Covid-19, they should get tested, (these can be booked online through the NHS website or ordered by telephone via NHS 119) and inform the preschool immediately of the results of the test.
  • If the test is negative and the child feels well and no longer has symptoms of coronavirus they can stop self-isolating.  They could still have another virus such as a cold or flu in which case it’s still best to avoid contact with other people until they are better. 
  • If someone in your household tests positive they should follow the Stay-At-Home guidance (http://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance ).  They must self-isolate for 7 days and only return to preschool if they do not have any symptoms.
  • All other members of the same household to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Please try to walk or cycle to preschool instead of using a car if this is at all possible.
  • We will only allow one parent/carer to enter the preschool per family.


  • To help to protect staff, children and parents/carers, please make sure that you keep to the 2-metre distancing while queuing outside and to keep 2-metres from the wooden gate so staff can open the gate safely.
  • We ask parents not to stand around talking out the front of the building, to help protect Swings and Smiles staff as well as our parents
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to allow parents to enter the main building so we will operate a one-way system when entering the preschool with your child. The main wooden gate will be the entrance and the green metal gate in the playground will be the exit.
  • When dropping your child off, please leave them in the garden by the door leading to the cloakroom.  A member of staff will be there to help your child in the cloakroom area.  Children should be left with their coats/bags/lunchbox.
  • If your child gets clingy, a member of staff will try to help.
  • We will not be allowing anyone to enter the premises once the gates are closed unless it’s pre-arranged and it can be done safely.


  • While waiting outside, please make sure you keep 2-metres away from each other.
  • After you pick up your child, it is recommended that you wash their clothes as soon as you get home. Clothes should be put straight into the washing machine. Hands should be washed for 20 seconds.
  • Please make sure you pick up your child promptly. We will have to clean the hall and outside area before we leave.


  • Please try not to stop to talk to staff if it is not important. They will be busy with your children.  If you need to speak to a member of staff, please make an appointment and we will organise it around the looking after the children. This meeting would have to be in keeping to the 2-metre distance. If it’s urgent, please could you call the preschool on 01635 872008 and a member of staff will try and help.
  • Surfaces and toys etc will be cleaned regularly.
  • Unfortunately, we will not have any sand, water, play dough, soft toys, dressing up clothes as these would be very difficult to clean regularly. Any toys we use will be easily cleaned.
  • Newsletters or any correspondence will be emailed from our admin@tccpreschool.co.uk address. Please check your emails regularly and add this email to your safe list.
  • If any paperwork is important, this will be hand delivered to you by a member of staff.
  • Please do not bring your child in with a toy etc. from home. Unfortunately, we will not have anywhere to store these items safely.

I have put below the main changes we will put in place whilst your child is with us at preschool:

  • We will be working as one group.  This might mean that if we have a case of Covid-19, the whole preschool might have to close for a short period of time.
  • We will be using the outside area as much as possible, depending on the weather.
  • Children and staff will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly and before and after eating and drinking.
  • We will use portable hand sanitizer regularly when children are outside and children inside will be encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water.

Please all take care of yourself and your family. We look forward to seeing you from Wednesday 2nd September.

Alison Hemmings


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