We are based at the Scouts Building, Brownsfield, Bath Road, near the Memorial Hall.  Please keep an eye on our Facebook page:  Friends of TCC Preschool and our website for any updates.  Contact details:  01635 261802 / admin@tccpreschool.co.uk

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Newsletter January 2021

Posted 31st March 2021

Welcome back to a new term at pre-school and I hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas. A special welcome goes to the new children and their parents/carers who will be joining us this term.
Cards and Presents
Thank you from all the staff for the cards and presents you gave us. They were very much appreciated.
Settling into the new building
We have now settled into our new hall. It’s a lot more spacious and we are able to do a lot more inside with the children. We have put some pictures on Tapestry for you to see what it looks like.
Week commencing 4th January, 2021
Last week the children had been playing with our boxes that we have left from our move. They made tunnels, robots, houses and cardboard people. They had also been playing with shredded paper that we have a ton of. Sorry for the paper that might have got stuck in the children hair, clothes etc but they had been rolling in it and even having ‘showers’.
Whilst queuing at the gate, please could you stand by the wall and not stand in front of the gates. We need the children to stay away from the gates as there is a lot of people walking their dogs etc in the field and some do come near the gates. For safeguarding reasons, we do not want the children to be encouraged to go near
the gate. Staff also need to open the gates and keep to the 2-metre distancing.
Door bell
The Scouts have very kindly installed a doorbell for us. Unfortunately, it seems to only work when it wants to. If you need to get our attention, please use the doorbell but it seems to need a good push and maybe do it a few times. The children like to shout when it goes off and it lights up so don’t feel bad if you do it a lot.
Car park
Due to our rental agreement, we must advice parents that they are not allowed to use the car park by the tennis courts. I have been advised that you will get a ticket if you are caught parking there, even if its for a minute. The car park (Brownsfield) at the back of the doctors is free for an hour. The car park by the main road is a Pay and Display Car Park.

As before please supply your child with a sandwich bag with cut up fruit for their snack please. If grapes and tomatoes etc please make sure they are cut in half please. After your child has finished their snack, this bag will be thrown away at preschool. Please also supply your child with a drink. This will be stored so that your child
can help themselves to it during the day.
Even if it is raining/cold etc, the children still go outside to play. Please supply your child with spare changes of clothes just in case they get too wet. If they come to pre-school in the car, make sure you bring a coat for them to wear.
Reminder on social distancing
It is a very stressful period at the moment for everyone. Staff have to social distance from each other as well as parents/carers/visitors etc. Please remember to social distance while queuing outside and to keep to the guidelines that the government have set during this lockdown.
Disinfecting the preschool areas
I understand that whilst many of you are anxious about whether your child is safe to return to preschool, we will ensure that this is done as safely as possible. The hall gets disinfected regularly. Toilets, sinks, door handles are disinfected after each use. Tables and chairs are cleaned regularly during the session. Children are encouraged to wash their hands when they arrive and also throughout the session.
Dates for your Diary
Last day of Term               –     Friday 12th February
Half Term                          –     Monday 15th February – Friday 19th February
Return to pre-school         –     Monday 22nd February
If you need to speak to me or a member of staff, please call us on 01635 261802.
Please stay safe and look forward to seeing you all soon.
Alison Hemmings